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01 mei 11

Short Film ‘All In’

Carl Vignetti (Abdembi Azzaoui) works as an assassin for a mysterious undercover agency, The Company. He is only interested in making some real big money. For his latest assignment he receives a liquidation list from The Company. This list contains names of persons and a certain sum of money after every name. Enclosed to this list are some portrait photos. During Carl’s mission he notices an extreme amount of money on the bottom of the list, but no name is attached. It’s just an address. Because of his curiosity and greed he immediately decides to go to that address. But is it the right choice?


Beste film, beste regie en beste edit – INHOLLAND Film talent competitie
1ste plaats BIGSTAR.tv online filmwedstrijd
2e plaats GoShort online filmwedstrijd


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